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              Rambo Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.( Rambo) is a professional manufacturer specialized in the development and manufacturing of small grinding machine for milling tools, grinding machine for drill bits and small precision machinery. As an innovative enterprise, Rambo has established a comprehensive operation platform which integrates R&D, design, production, sale and after-sales service.Rambo is committed to helping customers improve machining efficiency and reduce processing cost with high value-added products and services.

              At present, Rambo has  series of products with independent intellectual property rights such as ERM end milling cutter grinding machine,BRM ball end milling cutter grinding machine,DRM drill grinding machine,etc. What’s more, Rambo has a modern production base with advanced processing equipment and annual output thousands of above products. With the advantages of convenient

              operation, high precision grinding quality, reliability, perfect after-sales service,our products have been widely used in Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Jordan, Israel, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and etc.

              In a constantly changing environment where enterprise is rapidly developing, Rambo always adhere the spirit of “customer value maximization”, unremitting pursuit the corporate value of “integrity, pragmatism, innovation, excellence”, and continuously strengthen technological innovation to meet and exceed customer expectations.

              In the future, Rambo will continually adhere to the concept of independent innovation, unswervingly pursue internationalization, and striveto become the world's most professional precision tool grinding equipment supplier.

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